Aaron Janse is a software developer whose interests include

  • Web Development
  • Scripting
  • Information Security
  • and more

Dataflow esolang inspired by ascii art. Over 800 github stars.
Featured by Motherboard, i-programmer, and the 2018 HAUM 24 Hours of Code.

One of the first open-source implementations of a homomorphic CPU .

Design turing-complete marble runs with ascii/unicode art.

Encrypted command-line journaling application. Password required to read, not write.

Idea Bin
Client-side encrypted idea tracker.

Python machine learning library.


  • Jay

    Ever since reading a HN post on keeping a journal, I have been an avid journaler. I have tried out various methods of recording my thoughts throughout the day, starting with paper and quickly migrating to technology for searchability and security.

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